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Technical Data


SoundSorb® is a cementitious, durable, acoustical material that integrates with concrete, and is produced with specialized mixing methods using cement and specific proprietary ingredients.

Variety of Uses

SoundSorb® material is highly sound absorptive and is used for acoustical and fireproof values.

Acoustical Values

ASTM C-423 Results: NRC .70 - NRC 1.0, according to project specifications
ASTM E-90 Results: STC 51 w/ concrete backing


Fire Testing

ASTM E 84-95 Results: Class A
UL Flame Spread Results: Zero flame/smoke
Combustibiilty: E136

Thermal Conductivity

Dynatech Lab, Cambridge, Mass., USA
K = .70 per inch
R = 1.43 per inch


ASTM C-666 (passed 300 cycles)

Cost Competitive

SoundSorb®sound-absorptive walls and barriers can be cost competitive with reflective barriers depending on the wall design.


SoundSorb® is durable under all weather conditions. No rotting, rusting, warping or discoloration occurs, and the material is mildew resistant. SoundSorb®is freeze-thaw resistant due to its free-draining nature.

Easy Maintenance

Water-resistant coating can be applied to surface to maintain sound absorption. Walls and barriers can be washed and will maintain effectiveness. Textured surfaces help reduce grafitti maintenance.

Easy to Fabricate

Basic precast forming techniques are used in the manufacturing process.


Material is 38-49 lbs. per cubic foot (dry wt.)


SoundSorb®can be integrated into monolithic or stackable panels for easy installation.

Versatile Wall Designs

This material can be integrated into most wall designs, including texturing both sides of a wall. Textured liners can be used to press topside texture into material. Custom work is also available.

Acoustical Tiles

Cladding panels can be easily secured to existing concrete or masonry surfaces, allowing reflective walls to become sound absorptive.

Employs Local Labor, Reduces Shipping Costs

Precast companies are licensed on a state or regional basis; local labor is used to manufacture and erect walls. Walls and barriers do not need to be shipped long distances.


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