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SoundSorb® provides a cost-effective solution to noise abatement because it absorbs sound energy rather than reflecting it. SoundSorb's unique structure reflects virtually no noise.

Both engineers and property owners require the acoustical material used in highway and railway sound barriers not only performs to high standards, but also is aesthetically pleasing. While most soundwalls are seen along road, rail, commercial or industrial areas, more and more are being erected along residential areas to protect communities from the health effect of high noise levels and to retain property values. SoundSorb® cement-based material is available in a variety of colors to complement the surrounding infrastructure. SoundSorb® is flowable and can replicate virtually any aesthetic texture on either or both sides of a soundwall.

Concrete Solutions, Inc. (CSI) maintains the cost efficiencies of SoundSorb® around the world by appointing locally qualified precasters to manufacture the product. International acceptance of SoundSorb provides local companies with the opportunity to expand their product line with the most innovative, cost-effective, sound-absorptive product on the market. In-depth training and technical support provided by CSI, combined with quality control guidelines, allows a select group of manufacturers worldwide to produce the same high quality of SoundSorb® material, the premier solution to noise abatement.

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