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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to construct a soundwall made of SoundSorb®?

  • This depends on the size and scope of the project, and whether it’s a new soundwall system or acoustical tiles applied to an existing reflective wall.

Is there a specific height requirement for a SoundSorb® wall?

  • There are not set sizes; SoundSorb® has been used in walls as low as 4 feet and as high as 20 feet. Your best bet is to involve an acoustical engineer for the optimum height requirements for your project based on the particular project’s specifications, and then contact CSI for assistance with a project quote.

How close should a SoundSorb® soundwall be located to a noise source?

  • While an acoustical engineer is the best person to consult in order to determine the location of a soundwall. Generally speaking, a noise barrier should be as close to the noise source as possible to prevent soundwaves from traveling over the wall.

Does CSI install SoundSorb® soundwalls?

  • CSI licenses use of our SoundSorb® material to qualified precasters who handle the manufacturing and installation of SoundSorb® soundwalls. These manufacturers are carefully chosen and work along with CSI personnel to customize SoundSorb® to provide the durability and sound absorptiveness required for each project.

How much does a SoundSorb® soundwall cost?

  • SoundSorb®, the industry’s leading noise abatement solution, is priced on a square-foot basis. Project specifications, such as customized panels, wall height, colorization, location and installation time, can vary greatly, therefore, a quote is highly recommended. SoundSorb® is the most cost-effective noise absorbing material solution available for many reasons. In some cases, SoundSorb’s high acoustical properties allow for the noise wall design height to be reduced dramatically and can become a winning advantage for design-build projects.

What colors can the SoundSorb® material be tinted or stained?

  • Because SoundSorb’s proprietary ingredients are mixed with cement, the SoundSorb® material can be made in any color using iron oxides and/or by staining the wall surface.

Will the SoundSorb® acoustical material work for my specific application?

  • SoundSorb® has been successfully used in a variety of applications, including highway soundwalls and acoustical tiles retrofitted to existing walls, high-speed railway parapets, enclosures for noisy electrical equipment, and beautiful custom work such as murals. Currently SoundSorb® licensed manufacturers bid are typically large scale projects, (although we hope to be able to offer sound solutions to individuals homeowners one day). Please contact CSI if you have a noise abatement project in mind and would like a quote from one of our many licensed manufacturers.

Can I use SoundSorb® for indoor applications?

  • While it is possible, it’s likely not economical unless the scope of the project is quite large, such as a large concert hall, arena or sportscenter.

Do animals eat or build nests in SoundSorb® soundwalls?

  • Because the material is partially cement and the pores that give the material its acoustical properties are tiny, CSI is not aware of any destruction by birds or rodents to our projects currently installed around the world.

Does rain or snow affect SoundSorb®?

  • SoundSorb® is not adversely affected by moisture. It is durable under all weather conditions. No rotting, rusting, warping or discoloration will occur. SoundSorb® is mildew resistant and freeze-thaw resistant, due to the free-draining, cementitious nature of the material.

How long does SoundSorb® last?

  • Since CSI was created in 1992, the projects our licensees have installed are all performing acoustically. Because cement is a major ingredient in our material, SoundSorb® has the potential to last for decades.

What kind of noise reduction can I expect with SoundSorb®?

  • The beauty of SoundSorb® is that it can be customized to meet and/or exceed your project’s noise mitigation and durability specifications, while our competitors don’t have that luxury. In some scenarios, as little as two inches of SoundSorb® material can provide the required amount of noise reduction. Wall heights can often be made lower than that of the competition because of the flexibility of our material. Again, we recommend working with an acoustical engineer to get project specifications, and then contacting CSI for more specifics on wall height and thickness in order to meet noise mitigation goals in the most efficient, effective way possible.

Can SoundSorb® be replaced if damaged or removed?

  • Yes, damaged areas can be repaired. Acoustical tiles that become damaged can easily be replaced and removed.

Can graffiti be removed from SoundSorb® material?

  • Yes, graffiti can be removed with non-toxic citrus-based solvents, or projects that have been stained once in place can be restained.

Does CSI or its manufacturers provide a warranty for SoundSorb®?

  • CSI’s licensees may provide, if required, a warranty.

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