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SoundSorb® acoustical material was created as a cost-effective solution for noise mitigation by absorbing sound energy rather than reflecting it. The material is integrated with a structural concrete precast panel during the production phase. Effective sound absorption with aesthetic features on sound walls used for noise control are in demand by engineers for several uses:

Property owners desiring to improve their quality of life, preserve their health and protect their property values have realized the benefits of SoundSorb®.

SoundSorb®, a cement-based material, has the effective acoustical structure necessary to absorb sound energy, offering the highest Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.0 with a thinner application than its competitors. Its unique, durable, porous structure prevents noise from being reflected back into the community by absorbing the actual energy of the noise. In comparison, a typical sound wall composed of solid or sound-reflective surfaces simply redirects the noise, thereby augmenting the noise pollution. Additionally, a main concern of property owners is the appearance of the wall itself. SoundSorb® solves this problem because it can replicate virtually any aesthetic texture and is available in a variety of colors. SoundSorb® eliminates unwanted noise while offering an attractive, affordable solution to noise pollution. Design, civil and acoustical engineers are specifying SoundSorb® because it's a versatile, cost-effective, commonsense solution to noise abatement.

Concrete Solutions, Inc. (CSI) licenses its SoundSorb® production technology to manufacturers worldwide and maintains the cost efficiencies of SoundSorb® around the world by strategically appointing regional manufacturers. SoundSorb® provides precast manufactures with the opportunity to expand their product line with the most innovative sound-absorptive material available, while providing individuals, local communities and the environment with a cost-effective, noise-abatement solution.

Residential communities that are suffering from highway, rail or general transportation noise and want a cost-effective solution should contact the environmental division of their local state Department of Transportation for assistance and suggest their DOT inquire about SoundSorb®. Complete the "Contact Us" form if you have questions or comments about an area needing noise control or about your experience with SoundSorb®on an area soundwall.

Sound-absorbing panels were retrofit to existing Highway 101 soundwalls in San Rafael, California, to give neighbors relief from highway noise. "It's a significant change," said area resident Patrick Murphy, who lives in Lincoln Hill and has lobbied Caltrans for more than a dozen years to improve the soundwalls. "The white noise that you hear is gone. What's missing is the 'shhhhh.'" Murphy believes the panels have reduced the noise by 8 to 10 decibels. "I began to notice the difference as they moved north with the work. It's a significant reduction," he added. "It's working." -- Marin Independent Journal, 1/2/2010

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