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Soundwall Pays Off

January 2010

Patrick Murphy of San Rafael likes what he doesn’t hear. Crews are finishing the installation of thousands of sound-absorbing panels as part of a $3 million retrofit of the existing Highway 101 soundwall to give area neighbors relief from freeway noise.

It’s already making a difference.

“It’s a significant change,” said Murphy, who lives on Lincoln Hill in San Rafael and has lobbied Caltrans for more than a dozen years to improve the soundwalls. “The white noise that you hear is gone. What’s missing is the ‘shhhhh.’”

Application of the 11,400 sound-absorbing panels along the mile stretch of the existing east soundwall has been going on for the past six months.

Excerpt from the article by Marin Independent Journal, San Rafael, California, January 2, 2010

See attached article titled “The Yuen Long Section: Viaducts and stations” published in The Arup Journal 3/2006 describing the use of SoundSorb sound absorptive treatment on this rail project. Download Article

Download the full article: Download the full article

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