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SoundSorb Approved for Use by Japan Ministry of Construction

February 1996

Austin, Texas – SoundSorb®, a durable, acoustical, cement-based material used for sound walls along highways and railways, was approved for use in Japan by the country’s Ministry of Construction on February 14, 1996, to be imported for use by the Public Works and commercial enterprise. SoundSorb is licensed by the patented technology provided by Concrete Solutions, Inc. (CSI) of Austin, Texas.

“This is the first construction sound-insulation material to be approved for importation into Japan from the United States for use by the Public Works,” said Naoki Akiyama.

“CSI supplies a science to the transportation noise abatement problem with their advanced technology. The SoundSorb product offers not only a more advanced and durable material, but also a unique composition that creates the super-inductive intercellular structure. This structure serves to deaden the sound waves impacting the face of a barrier, thereby eliminating the noise rather than merely reflecting it. This is very important in Japan as most transportation corridors are narrow, heavily traveled and have both residences and businesses on both sides,” adds Akiyama.

CSI president Boone Bucher said, “The unique aspect of our technology is that our material excels in absorbing the sound waves created by tire and rail noise. For example, the frequency of tire noise falls between the 500 and 1000 hertz range and SoundSorb provides the highest absorption rating possible within this range, working to eliminate this type of sound energy impacting the barrier material. We’re very pleased with the acceptance of our product by Japan and view this as an important step in our continuing effort to develop the expansion of markets for SoundSorb, both in the United States and internationally.”

SoundSorb is recognized as the leader in durable, acoustic noise absorptive barriers in the United States and was the first all-weather U.S. patented noise absorptive cement-based product approved. This material is integrated into millions of square feet of barriers, providing an economical, environmentally sound solution to noise abatement.

CSI licenses qualified manufacturers within the United States and throughout the world to manufacture SoundSorb using a patented manufacturing technology providing a very durable, freeze/thaw resistant, aesthetically versatile and highly effective sound absorptive material.

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