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A “Sound” Solution to Minimize Highway Noise

July 2005

Austin, Texas – Tire noise emanating from trucks and cars is becoming more intolerable for many neighborhood residents who live along highways. As a solution to this problem, many state DOTs have constructed sound barriers.

SoundSorb® is used to create a superior sound-absorptive barrier that helps squelch highway noise problems. SoundSorb is a durable, cement-based acoustic  material that exceeds acoustical requirements specified by state highway departments. This state-of-the-art solution is flowable, porous and fireproof, and mirrors any molded surface, providing a textured appearance for sound walls or panels. SoundSorb can also be imprinted or “stamped” with texture, allowing both sides of a wall or panel to be textured. Concrete Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is the only company that licenses the manufacturing of SoundSorb to precasters around the world.

“Most of the sound barriers currently being installed are reflective, which causes the noise to reflect off the walls and into the neighborhoods behind the walls,” said Wendi Bucher, vice president of CSI. SoundSorb is the best solution for this type of noise problem because tire and engine noise from traffic is absorbed into the wall, significantly reducing the amount of noise that is heard by area residents,” Bucher adds.

Noise levels in high traffic areas typically increase each year which can rally neighbors to organize and work toward requesting sound barriers to decrease highway noise. A common complaint among residents is that increasing highway noise can cause the resale value of their homes and properties to decrease.

Neighborhood coalitions such as these often turn to the government to provide a solution and in turn, the government is specifying sound barriers that offer better noise attenuation, are aesthetically pleasing, and safe for travelers and the environment.

SoundSorb ranks in the elite category of noise abatement materials within the sound barrier industry. Millions of square feet of this durable, acoustic material has been installed around the world.

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